A Cluttered Room is a Cluttered Mind

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Sorting through the mess in my room is often an overwhelming task. I look at the piles of dirtied clothes on the floor or the scraps of yellow paper and crumpled up receipts that are difficult for me to throw out for some reason, and the frustration begins to build.

How did I let my room get this messy?

Perhaps the most key aspect of this inevitable question starts with understanding that I actually took part in my room getting to the level of disorganization that it reached. I let this happen.

Though it seems like I am approaching this whole mess with a self-inflicting and self-blaming lens, the truth is, understanding my role in this mess is essential.

Maintaining the organization in my room has always been of high priority to me. I know myself to thrive off of neatness — a sense of calm that is born through organization. I hate my room looking disheveled and sloppy — I hate BEING disheveled and sloppy.

That, of course, points to a major observation here — my room does not match my idea of peace, comfort and relaxation. Comfort for me comes from every one of my belongings having a home and yet I stand around much of my items being sprawled out on the bed and floor, no real way of finding things when I need them.

Knowing that my ideal room and the room that stands before me are not the same is definitely a sign of a larger problem. The clutter in my room, undoubtedly, mirrors the clutter in my head.

Recognizing that there is physical disorganization right before my eyes absolutely correlates to the disorganization that my brain and mental health are experiencing.

This, though a scary revelation to come to terms with, is actually a beautiful tool I can now use to gauge my sense of self and be more in tune with my own mental health and mental space.

It might sound absurd, but starting to reorganize your mind and declutter the thoughts and emotions that seem to be getting worse by the day can all start with your room.

Your room is a great meter as to where you stand mentally. Organization is a high sign of good mental processing and functioning. Organization is a representation of strong decision making, a sense of self awareness while also demonstrating an individual’s ability to function properly and the most effectively despite all other circumstances and/or factors.

In that case — how can we use this information to best help ourselves and our rooms?

Cleaning up your room and organizing everything such that each and every object has a home is a great way to start maintaining order and control that you deserve and are more than capable of having. Taking hold of your messy room and taming it shows control and self-management.

Utilizing your room as a sign as to how you’re doing mentally can help you to catch yourself early in what could lead to a downwards spiral. If you start to notice that parts of your room are getting disorganized — it is the right moment to stop and reflect upon how you’ve been feeling overall. Are you feeling more cluttered and struggling with internal and external factors? Are there aspects of your life that are subconsciously affecting you and essentially your productivity and progress?

Decluttering all of the messes in your life can begin from a simple glance and reflection on your room.

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